The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the Power Plant in Sulawesi Industrial Park

From: 2015-10-25

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the power plant in Sulawesi Industrial Park was held on October 22. Wang Liping, minister counselor for economic and commercial affairs at the Chinese embassy to Indonesia, and local government officials attended this ceremony.

Jia Xiaoyu, vice president of the company, delivered a welcoming address, showing gratitude for the arrival of officials from Indonesia and China, and introduced the general plan and construction progress of Sulawesi Industrial Park, as well as the scale of the power plant and its significant role in this industrial park.


Minister counselor Wang Liping delivered a speech in which he pointed out that Sulawesi Industrial Park Project was one of the significant outcomes of Indonesian President Joko Widodo on his visiting to China in March this year and also was an important project under cooperation on production capacity between Indonesia and China. The power plant laying foundation, as a milestone in the development of Hengshun Industrial parks, is a symbol of starting construction of the industrial park. “I hope Hengshun Industrial Park will be the representative of comprehensive industrial parks built by bilateral cooperation. I also hope it would promote economic and trade development of Indonesia and China, provide an opportunity for other China’s enterprises coming into Indonesia and set an example for Chinese enterprises to go abroad’”, said Wang.


Morowali subprefect S. U. Marunduh, on behalf of Indonesian government, delivered his address. He said that Morowali, rich in ferronickel resource, could not export ferronickel after Indonesian government imposed a ban on ore exports in 2014 so that economic development in Indonesia stagnated. It is Hengshun Industrial Park and its enterprises that make full use of local resources and promote economic and social development of Morowali.


Subsequently, minister counselor Wang and vice president Jia, together with local government officials, laid the foundation stone together. Then they exchanged presents.



At last, they visited the industrial park.