Scholarship of Hengshun for Zimbabwean Students to Study in Chinese Universities

From: 2015-10-19

He Zhen, head of Zimbabwe subsidiary of Hengshun signed MOU with Regard to Offering Scholarship to Students of Zimbabwe to Study in Universities of China with Christopher Mushohwe, minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services of Zimbabwe in Harare on November 30.

Zimbabwe official delegates from the Office of the President,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services and student representatives who won presidential scholarship attended the signing ceremony. President of Zimbabwe and chief secretary of the Office of Cabinet delivered speeches on the ceremony.

The program of subsidizing students of zimbabwe to study in universities of China is one of the public welfare projects we implement in Zimbabwe. It was proposed, in the first promotion meeting of MOU with Regard to Special Economic Zone and Industrial Park Project in Zimbabwe, by Jian Quanchen, chairman of the board of Hengshun on July 16. “We shall bring our corporate concept—”gratitude” to Zimbabwe and share it with local people. We will start a project named ‘Elites in Zimbabwe’, subsidizing 50-100 excellent students to study in China’s universities every year, training talents for Zimbabwe and Hengshun. We will also start ‘Plan of Supporting Local Elementary Education’, building a kindergarten accommodating 30 children and a primary school accommodating 210 students”, said Jia.