Devotion to Education

While continuously pursuing technological progress, we keep gratitude in mind and play an active role in undertakings for public good, to repay the society especially paying close attention and devoting much resources to educational affairs.

To repay the society, the Company has put great efforts in the Hope projects in poverty stricken areas since 2007, and made donations to build Nongdi Hope Primary School in Napo County (Guangxi Autonomous Region), Banshe Hope Primary School in Bama County (Guangxi Autonomous Region), Baoqiao Hope Primary School (Guangxi Autonomous Region), Qinghai Women’s Buddhist School and Motuo Hope Primary School in Tibet. All of these help children in underprivileged areas to continue their studies and provide them a fertile learning environment.


  • Guangxi Napo Nongdi Hope Primary School MORE>>

    In 2007, our company has provided aid for construction of Guangxi Napo Nongdi Hope Primary School, marking a prologue of donation for construction of hope primary schools in poor regions in our country of our company.

  • Guangxi Bama Banshe Hope Primary School MORE>>

    On Oct. 17th of 2009,construction of Banshe Hope Primary School in Bama Town of Yao nationality autonomous county in Nanning City, Guangxi province has commenced and it is the second hope primary school of our company.

  • Guangxi Baoqiao Hope Primary School MORE>>

    On Nov. 8th, 2011, our company has donated to construct the third Hope Primary School— Baoqiao Primary School in Luwo Town in Wuming County of Guangxi province, with a donation amount of 300,000 yuan to build canteen of the school.

  • Qinghai Girl Buddhist College MORE>>

    In 2013, our company donated for construction of Qinghai Girl Buddhist College.

  • Xizang Motuo Hope Primary School MORE>>

    On Thanksgiving day of 2014, the company was preparing to donate for construction of the fifth hope primary school — Xizang Motuo Hope Primary School and initiated donation activity for hope primary school all over the company, strongly supported and involved in by all staff.