Guangxi Baoqiao Hope Primary School

On Nov. 8th, 2011, our company has donated to construct the third Hope Primary School— Baoqiao Primary School in Luwo Town in Wuming County of Guangxi province, with a donation amount of 300,000 yuan to build canteen of the school.

Mrs Jia Yulan, President of Board of Supervisors of our company, has affectionately told the students at the ceremony that “I hope to see the students to learn in wide and bright classrooms and hope that they could have a good learning and living environment, where they can grow happily and healthily.” She encouraged the students to study hard, grasp skills and make determination to become talents in the future and she also hopes them to learn to be grateful and realize that they shall return contribution to society and their parents in the future. The students warmly applauded for what she said at the ceremony.