Design & Construction of Overall Solutions for Green Power Grid

We design, construct and upgrade 10kV-500kV power grids, and form a complete set and perform the installation and trial run of 7.5MW~600MW single generator units. 10kV-500kV transformers, switches, Static Var Generators (SVG), Active Power Filters (APF), Multifunction Electricity Controllers & Optimizers (MEC), shunt capacitors, dynamic reactive power compensators and other products developed by the Company can ensure the safety and energy efficiency of the power grid by rapidly compensating reactive system in a dynamic way, filtering out harmonic, effectively containing voltage fluctuation and flickering of power grids, suppressing the unbalance of three-phase voltage and current, and dampening the oscillations of power grids.

We provide a one-stop solution integrating professional design, R&D, manufacture, operation and maintenance.






Typical Users

66kV capacitor of Yinchuan East 750kV Substation of State Grid, Ningxia Autonomous Region

110kV MSVC of Yanjiatun Substation of State Grid, Zhangjiakou City

35kV SVG and 0.4kV APF at Metro Line 3 of Qingdao City

110kV reactive power compensator for Dragon Northwest Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

10kV 4Mvar SVG for Shenzhen Yantian West Port Terminals Limited