Research and Development

We have been devoting ourselves to the improvement of power quality and development of harmonic pollution suppression equipment and its technological innovation. We have made great achievements on research and development of capacitors, the key part of reactive power compensation devices, and power harmonic filter. Power capacitors, reactors, power instrument transformers, reactive power compensation devices and power harmonic filters we produced are widely used across the country in various industries such as power grid, new energy, metal smelting, coal, petrochemistry, communication, rail transport and port etc.

We pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, own dozens of patents as well as advanced technologies and realize industrialization of the achievements. The complete equipment we produced covers a range of voltage levels from 0.4kV to 110kV, single capacity up to 150Mvar. Instrument transformers (SF6、CT、CVT), magnetism controlled reactor(MCR) and smart high-voltage capacitors developed in recent years are leading techniques in China and have been used in transformer stations of 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV and 500kV. Relying on the strong technical force, we have not only achieved software-based designing of products, but also developed independently simulation designing software of power harmonic filter. We are also responsible for compiling a dozen national and industrial standards such as Industrial a. c. networks affected by harmonics—Application of filters and shunt capacitors and High-voltage power harmonic filters.

Hengshun Zhongsheng was evaluated as municipal technology center in 2008, national “High-tech Industrial Enterprise” in 2009. In June, 2016, we established “Research and Development Center for Power Quality and Energy-saving Projects”. We won the first prize of independent innovation among small and medium-sized private enterprises in Shandong province, was given the title of “Private enterprise with most potential in Shandong province” and awarded many other prizes.

Achievements in Recent Years

New aluminum alloy frame of capacitor bank and test on quakeproof of it;

Capacitor made of aluminium foil cutted by laser;

Capacitor without fuse and capacitor installation without fuse;

Smart capacitor and condition mornitoring system for capacitor installation;

Air-core reactor with full pouring of resin;

Designing, manufacturing and operating of 110kV MCR-SVC, national appraisal, drafting the standards of Department of Energy;

Designing, manufacturing and operating of single assembling capacitor of 35kV, 20Mvar,  national appraisal;

new aluminum alloy frame of capacitor bank and test on quakeproof of it;