Phase I Project of Blast Furnace Enterprises in Hengshun Sulawesi Industrial Park Put into Production

From: 2016-03-20

On March 18, Hengshun Sulawesi Industrial Park embraced a new historic moment when Phase I Project of blast furnace enterprises officially was put into production.

At 10:18 am, a ceremony for putting into production was held on the site of the newly completed Phase I Project of blast furnace. Vice President of Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Mr. Jia Xiaoyu, General Manager Huang of blast furnace enterprises, officers of Project participants and heads of relevant departments in the industrial park all participated in the ceremony, witnessing initial running of blast furnace.



At 15:18 when the gate was opened, red molten iron was pouring out, which excited all leaders and staff on site with applause and cheer all around.



Vice President Jia delivered a passionate speech to congratulate blast furnace enterprises on smoothly putting into production. “Blast Furnace Smelting Area is one of the four main functional areas in the Industrial Park. Furnace smelting project, one of the key projects in the Park, is turning a new page for construction of Hengshun Sulawesi Industrial Park as Phase I Project was put into smooth production”, said Jia.