Hengshun Zhongsheng Contributed“the Belt and Road Initiatives”Talent Cultivating Fund to Beijing University of Chemical Technology

From: 2017-05-24

On the afternoon of May 23, Education Foundation Contributing & Signing Ceremony between Hengshun Zhongsheng Group and Beijing University of Chemical Technology was held in the auditorium of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Attendees in this ceremony include: Wang Tongqi, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Mao Lixin, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office; He Yujun, Secretary General of the Education Foundation; Liu Guangqing, Dean of the International Education College; Jia Yulan, Vice Chairman of Hengshun Zhongsheng Group; Dai Yiming, Minister of Strategic Development; Deputy General Manager of Indonesian Industrial Park Wu Guilin and other important leaders.


The fund contributed from this ceremony will be specifically spent on cultivating of international students from Indonesia — a country along the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” line, mainly be used to support the tuition fees and life expenses of 6 Indonesian undergraduates and 4 Indonesian postgraduates who will pursue their study in China.


In the fund contributing ceremony, Wang Tongqi, Deputy Sectary of CPC of Beijing Chemical Industry University firstly delivered a speech introducing the history, characteristics and achievements of this university. He strengthened that as a national key university, Beijing Chemical Industry University is well known in science and technique courses, in chemistry and bio-energy. Moreover, it has strong teaching facilities including four academicians, three pairs of academicians, two key research laboratories ranking top 10 nationwide and 4 subjects of this university have been ranked into the ESI top global disciplines, all guaranteeing great confidence in cultivating excellent talents for the enterprise and the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” great cause.


Then, Vice Chairman of Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Ms. Jia Yulan delivered a speech to introduce briefly about Hengshun Zhongsheng, its gratitude corporate culture and the development of the countries along “the Belt and Road Initiatives” line. She specifically pointed out that the "Qingdao- Indonesia Industrial Park" project and this industrial project had brought positive impacts on local tax revenue, employment and living standard of local citizens. She strengthened that talents, especially transnational advanced talents were the fundamental factor for international development of enterprises and the driving force to promote the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” great cause.“The ‘Presidential Scholarship Program of Zimbabwe government’ carried out since last year is a beneficial attempt to cultivate international talents jointly by Hengshun Zhongsheng and universities. Current progress of this program is smooth and the effect is remarkable. The decision to cooperate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology to cultivate advanced Indonesian talents this year has been made based on our own development requirement and past experience. We hope that the two sides can play their advantages respectively to jointly contribute to cultivating outstanding international talents, spreading Chinese culture and promoting the realization of ‘the Belt and Road Initiatives’ great strategy,” said she passionately.


In the symposium hereafter, Wu Guilin, Deputy General Manager of the Indonesian Industrial Park, briefed the current student enrollment status of this Group in Indonesia and sincerely invited the leaders of Beijing Chemical Industry University to visit Indonesia.