Sunshine, Sea and Old Captain…

From: 2017-05-31

On the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival, part of the staff families of Hengshun Group gathered at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center to attend in activities such as fixing colorful ropes, receiving gifts and taking sailing ships. Feeling this traditional Chinese festival culture, they had experienced wonderful sea scenery by sailing ship and spent a very happy and comfortable holiday.


Fixing colorful ropes


Fixing colorful ropes is an important custom of the Dragon Boat Festival, containing a good connotation of wishing for happiness and auspiciousness. In ancient China, people worshiped 5 colors as the auspicious color — green, white, red, black and yellow, considering them representing wood, gold, fire, water and soil respectively and symbolizing East, West, South, North and Middle respectively. Moreover, those 5 colors imply magic power from 5 directions which can get rid of devils, cure illnesses and strengthen people’s health so as to make people healthy and long life span.



Receiving gifts

Children’s Day is coming and each child involving in this activity even received gifts prepared by  Hengshun Group.


Many children have participated various activities organized by our group for several times before and now they’ve already grown up



Taking sailing ships

It’s a 6000 miles journey taking 40 minutes. It’s really a comfortable experience to sit on the non-powered sailing ships to feel the waves surging, the broad and deep ocean and enjoy the scenic spots in Qingdao city.


Holiday, Children, TA

Sunshine, sea, old captain

(The old captain is actually not old at all^ _ ^) ... ...


This holiday is especially beautiful



Hengshun Zhongsheng Wish Everyone Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

 Happy Children's Day!