Students from Zimbabwe Attended the Sugar Ball Party to Experience Traditional Chinese Culture

From: 2017-02-11

On February 10, under the support and organization of the group, outstanding student representatives 2016 Grade from Zimbabwe participated in an annual folk activities in Qingdao - Qingdao radish • Lantern • Sugar Ball Party, to closely experience Chinese culture.



All kinds of Chinese objects, a variety of tasty snacks, wonderful folk performances and everything at the sugar ball party seemed to be so fresh for those students from southern Africa.


In Haiyun Square, a wonderful people's livelihood business-starting creative hand-made competition was on site. Attracted by the competition, those international students actively started communication with entertainers attending the competition on site. Then the entertainers personally taught the international students to do sugar painting and clay sculpture, enabling them to experience traditional Chinese folklore technique within a zero distance. 


In Mr. Gao’s sugar ball shop where his business was very hot, the international students not only tasted various sugar balls but also
experienced personally the production process of sugar ball.


Although the weather was cold, international students’ interests were hot. As they experienced the activities on site they sighed how wonderful, rich and profound the Chinese culture was.