Hengshun Zhongsheng Signed Zimbabwean International Students In China Entrusted Training and Donation Agreement with Ocean University of China

From: 2017-04-19

On the afternoon of April 17, Mr. Lu Min, Chairman of the Group; Mrs. Jia Yulan, Vice Chairman of the Group; Dai Yiming, Minister of the Strategy Department and other members from the Group and a member of standing committee of the CPC as well as Vice Chairman of the Ocean University of China Mr. Li Weiran; Mr. Wang Jianmin, Chief Accountant; Fang Qizhi, Director of the Academic Affairs Office; Xu Zhi’ang, Director of the Finance Department; Education Foundation Secretary General Chen Zhonghong and other leaders from the University have attended the signing ceremony held in Ocean University of China.


At the signing ceremony, Chairman Lu Min firstly briefed the leaders of the recent development of Hengshun on overseas business and the future planning of the company. Then he presented his gratitude to the leaders and teachers from Ocean University of China by appreciating all leader’s concern and support for this project and the nurturing and selfless care to the students from the teachers. Finally he expressed more expectation on cooperation between both parties. He said that the contribution made by Ocean University of China had provided Hengshun with strong support to root their business in Zimbabwe. He hoped that Hengshun would carry out a full range of cooperation with Ocean University of China. He pointed out that with the development of Hengshun, not only students from Zimbabwe but also international students from other countries along the “One Belt One Road” line would step onto the land of China, to learn Chinese language, Chinese culture and make their own contribution to friendship between different countries.


Chief accountant Wang Jianmin delivered a speech on behalf of the Education Foundation. He said Education Foundation of Ocean University of China had paid attention to Hengshun for a long time and he highly appreciated the project. He had been involved in the campus service guarantee work earlier in this project, including accommodation management, service guarantee management, etc. He strengthened that the introduction of foundation will enable the project to make full use of the government policy support and to amplify the effect of cooperation guarantee foundation and financial support. Wang Jianmin explained that the Education Foundation will report the donation to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance to struggle for relevant policy support and amplified benefits from the fund will be returned to serve for this project. Moreover, the Foundation will assign specified staff to manage the fund so as to use it more professionally and in a guaranteed way. Finally he expressed his good wishes to Hengshun. Wang Jianmin said that the donation, the Foundation will report to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, for policy support; fund amplification will also be back to the project. And the Foundation will assign full-time staff responsible, so that the management and operation of the funds can be more professional and more secure. Finally, he expressed the good wishes for Hengshun.


President of Ocean University of China Li Weiran said that this was a key step to strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises and strengthen cultivation of international talents under the direction of  the “ Belt & Road ” policy; it was also a practice to carry out improve foreign education in the new era. Moreover, he stated that Hengshun Zhongsheng Group initially involved in the “Belt & Road” construction to develop overseas business by establishing its foundation in Qingdao and facing the whole world. He revealed that Hengshun had developed overseas market in Southeast Asian countries and southern part of Africa, invested to be involved in local economic construction, led social development in local area, cultivated local talents specifically to contribute to local social and economic development and actively supported international students coming to China, all embodying vivid discerning on the ‘Going global’ strategy and active reaction to the “Belt & Road” policy.