Leaders of Group Invited to Shanghai “Indonesia Business Forum”

From: 2016-09-07

On September 3, the “Indonesia Business Forum” was held in Shanghai. Vice Minister of Commerce Gao Yan, President of Indonesia Joko and several cabinet ministers, and over 700 business representatives of both sides attended the Forum. Invited by Chairman of BKPM MR. Thomas T. Lembong, Vice Chairman of the Group Jia Yulan and President Jia Xiaoyu were present at the Forum.


Vice Minister of the MOC Gao Yan said in speech that the current economic relations between China and Indonesia are increasingly close, displaying the development trend featuring multi-layer, wide-range and high-level. The two countries have
made active progress in pragmatic cooperation in the field of agriculture, finance, energy, infrastructure and comprehensive industrial park. Indonesia tops among ASEAN in terms of population, area and economic aggregate, enjoying great potential for development. Chines government supports Chinese enterprises to invest in Indonesia and engage in building Indonesia, and is willing to expand bilateral investment with Indonesia to strengthen energy cooperation.

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo said Indonesia enjoys great potential and broad prospect for economic development. The Government will promote development in manufacturing and other industries, support construction of industrial parks, protect investment interests of foreign investors, and create favorable investment environment for enterprises to invest in Indonesia.

After the Forum, leaders of the Group paid a visit to and had an amicable conversation with Minister of Mines and Energy of Indonesia MR. Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.


Vice Chairman Jia Yulan briefed Mr. Minister of relevant situation of city and enterprises of Qingdao, and municipal leaders’ value and support to enterprises “Going Global” and investment project in Indonesia.

President Jia Xiaoyu introduced situation of Indonesia Business Forum organized by the Group in June this year, progress of Hengshun Zhongsheng Sulawesi Industrial Park in Indonesia and Municipal Investment Group’s membership as shareholder in the Croup to further expand investment in Indonesia and mobilize relevant enterprises in Qingdao to invest in the Industrial Park.


Mr. Minister spoke highly of the Group’s Industrial Park Project in Indonesia, asked about the problems encountered by the Croup and Chinese enterprises during investment and development in Indonesia with his commitment to coordinate and solve them. On invitation from leaders of the Group, Mr. Minister planned to visit Qingdao in the second half of the year, expressing his hope to work with Hengshun Zhongsheng to help Qingdao implement "The Belt and Road” Initiatives and build “Hengshun Zhongsheng Sulawesi Industrial Park in Indonesia” to “Qingdao Indonesia Industrial Park”.