Staff of Hengshun Zhongsheng Industrial Park in Indonesia Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Overseas

From: 2016-09-16

Over the sea the moon shines bright; we gaze at it far, far apart.

In Mid-Autumn Festive when Chinese families enjoy in reunion and admiration of full moon, staff of Hengshun Zhongsheng Sulawesi Industrial Park in Indonesia also celebrated this traditional festival in their way.

A Mid-Autumn tea party was held for Chinese and Indonesian managers in the Industrial Park yesterday. At the party, Assistant of Commander-in-Chief on site Ding Jianyong introduced cultures and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival and extended good wishes to staff on site. They were immersed in cheerful atmosphere with tea from Laoshan Mountain, Chinese moon cakes and talks about beautiful future.



A basketball game was also held in the Industrial Park. Players were competing intensely in high spirit, while cheerleaders were cheering and applauding. The exciting game intensified the festival atmosphere, and enriched staff’s spare time as well; moreover, it strengthened their awareness of exercise and team work, enabled them to have a rest from intense work and feel power and warmth of the family.



As a Chinese verse goes, “One is twice as homesick on every festival day”. The staff in Indonesia Industrial Park have missed their families, and thoughts of leaders and all the staff also have gone to their families who devote themselves far away from home.
Wish you a happy and prosperous festival!