We’re together! Come on, baby!


In June of this year when most of the days were sunny and we were enjoying the beautiful season given by nature, great shadow cast on Bai Kunping, an employee of Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Electrical Manufacturing Company. His only son at 8 years old was diagnosed to suffer from glioma of brain stem and has now been sent to several big hospitals in Shanghai currently. As the tumor is on a critical position of his son’s body and needs complex operative treatment while the surgery cost is so huge that it makes financial condition of this poor family even worse. It is unimaginable to pay medical expenses for recovering hereafter. In Jimo Hospital, each moment when the child was shivering his body for severe ache and seeing helpless expression in his eyes, such powerless frustration was continuously torturing the nerve of Mr. Bai Kunping and his family members.    


On learning the conditions, the group initiatively held compassion donation activity themed with “love and devotion, warmth gathered” The group leaders made donation first and then all employees stretched out their hand of love. Within 2 days, 5,5000 yuan has been collected.

State of illness of Bai Kunping affected hearts of all members in the group. On June 19th, assistant of President of the Group, Zhang Peirong and Vice president of Electric Manufacturing Company, Zhang Guangkuo have come to the home of Bai Kunping, to visit and comfort the family on behalf of leaders and employees of the group, and sent the donation to Bai Kunping’s hand


Donation can be calculated in price while love is priceless. Hengsheng Zhongsheng is a big family full of warmth and love. Come on, our family members and our children, we are together with you and we will confront with the difficulties together!