The group donates for firefighting officers and soldiers scarifying lives at their post in Tianjin explosion accident

On midnight of Augus 12th, a big explosion accident happened in the Tianjin harbor district — the 4th great harbor in the world. In rescue of this accident, our firefighting officers and soldiers have displayed the most handsome heroine performance facing the fire and left touching wills by facing death unflinchingly. As of 9am of August 17th, 114 victims have been found and 54 of them have been identified, among whom 16 are public security firefighters, 23 firefighters in Tianjin harbor, 5 civil policemen and 10 others; 70 were out of contact and 698 were sent to hospital. Of them, Yin Yanrong has just got married for 12 days and Yuanhai was only 18 years old.

touching wills by facing death unflinchingly
Soldiers being burned like coal

To show salute to fearless firefighters and condolence to family members of officers and soldiers killed in the fire, staff of manager level of our group have initially held a “donation ceremony for family members of officers and soldiers sacrificed in the accident”.

Vice chairman of the board of directors of our group, Mrs Jia Yulan has made a speech to express the highest respect to all firefighting soldiers. She pointed out that this accident was disastrous for family members of soldiers sacrificed in the fire and called on all staff of Hengshun to show gratitude, love and condolences to family members of brave soldiers died on their post.


Chairman of board of directors was the first one to donate and others in manager level actively follow to show their love.

Grateful behaviors in manager level has established a good example for employees in the front line of the group and affiliated company overseas of the group to make donation consecutively.


Disaster is ruthless while human beings have love. Hengsheng Zhongsheng always deems carrying out social responsibilities as one of the task of the company. We hope to show our respect and condolences for family members of firefighting officers and soldiers whose lives were sacrificed in the explosion accident.


May the dead rest in peace and the living become strong!